How to use Wasabi Wallet and anonymize bitcoin

There are several ways to anonymize Bitcoin, I’ll explain how to anonymize using Wasabi Wallet, which is now considered the easiest and least expensive.

What is Wasabi Wallet?

It is btc wallet with the function to anonymize Bitcoin.

Use coinjoin to make it difficult to analyze bitcoin history.Because it automatically connects to Tor, the risk of leakage of IP address etc. is also lower.

A certain amount is gathered from each participant and anonymized together.It is a little expensive because it is necessary to participate at least about 0.1BTC at the current rate, but the coin after anonymization can be used freely.The anonymity set allows for the strength of confidentiality.There is no cost other than a small fee (0.003% x anonymity set).

It is easy to operate and you can get high anonymity with the default settings.

How to use Wasabi Wallet

Learn how to set up and how to mix and send with CoinJoin


Go to the URL below

Wasabi Wallet - Bitcoin privacy wallet with built-in CoinJoin
Wasabi is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for Desktop, it implements trustless CoinJoin over the Tor anonymity network.


There is a download link in the middle.

Select the operating system to start downloading.

Windows is available for 7 or more.

Once you have downloaded it, run the file and set it up.

The screen as sedat ed at the first time.


Put the name of the appropriate wallet.In this case, i tried to say “Wallet1”.

Enter your password, check accept the terms and conditions, and click Generate.

The recovery word is displayed.wasabiwallet-recovery

Keep the recovery words carefully so that they are never lost because they are required during restore.

Click the button “I wrote down my Recovery Words!”.

Test the password.


Put the password and click “Test Password”.

If it is fine, “Correct password” appears as shown in the red border in the lower left.If you make a mistake, please reset it.

It becomes the screen at startup.


Click “Load Wallet” from the menu on the left
Select wallet from the list
Launch individual wallets with Load Wallet

Receiving Bitcoin

First you receive Bitcoin.


(1) Click “Receive” from the tab at the top or the right menu
(2) Type an appropriate name
(3) Click “Generate Receive Address”

The address appears below.On the right side, you’ll see the name you set in (2).In this case, it is “general”.

Transfer money to this address from an exchange or other wallet.

Mixing (Coinjoin)

When you receive a coin, you can use CoinJoin to anonymize it.

Click on the CoinJoin tab at the top.


You can see the coins you received.

“Privacy” has an red shield mark that stands for outstanding status .

Check, enter your password, and click Enque Selected Coins.

The Anonimity Set can be adjusted by clicking on the green shield, but the default is 50 recommendations.

When queued, status displays registered.


The remaining time and number of subscribers are displayed in the lower right.

CoinJoin will start for 2 hours or when the registrant reaches 100.

When you’re done, it looks like the following.


The green mark above is an anonymized coin

The bottom will be an unanonymized coin.


Send coins.


(1) Click “Send” at the top or right
(2) Check the coins you want to send
(3) Enter the destination address
(4) Enter the amount
(5) Enter your password
(6) Send Transaction

You’re done. As a precaution, it will not be anonymous if you send anonymized coin mixed with not anonymized, so send it separately.

That’s all, how to use Wasabi Wallet and how to anonymize bitcoin.

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