How to register with Njalla and how to use it

If the domain is registered with a domestic supplier, offshore server is meaningless. It’s easy to trace your identity from your domain.

If you want to focus on privacy, it seems to be a good idea to register with Njalla.


There are other similar services, but Njalla seems to be the best.

In general, in the case of the Whois privacy protection service, Personal information is not disclosed in public. But It is stored at registrars.

In the case of Njalla, you do not need to register any personal information other than your email address from the beginning. Because the domain owner is njalla, it becomes very difficult to identify an individual.

You can rent 15 € /year, such as com, net, info, xyz, etc.

How to register with Njalla and how to use it

Access to


Put the domain name you want to use and search by clicking on the magnifying glass mark on the right.


Candidates are displayed, and select by clicking “SELECT DOMAIN” on the right side, and confirms by “CHECKOUT”.


If you are registered, you will enter your login information, but you have not registered, so click the “Sign up” link.


It seems to be able to register with XmPP, But registers with e-mail this time. So, click “WITH E-MAIL”.


Enter your email address, password, and password confirmation and click SIGN UP.

You will receive an email from Njalla immediately.


There is a link to Njalla, so click.


If the confirmation is successful, “E-mail verification successful” is displayed as above and registration is completed.

The domain you just selected in the upper right corner remains in your cart, so click Checkout.


You’ll see the domain you want to purchase.

Click Add funds.


This is an image that charges EUR to Njalla’s wallet.

In addition to PAYPAL, Njalla support many cryptocurrencies such as BITCOIN and MONERO.

Complete the settlement with each payment method.

When the settlement is complete, it becomes the screen like the bottom.


Charged EUR is available.

Click PAY NOW to make your domain available.

How to set up a Njalla domain

Click Domains in the top left to see a list of registered domains.


Click “MANAGE” on the right side of the domain you want to edit to enter the edit screen.


If you check “Auto-Renew”, it will be automatically updated.

If you want to use njalla’s name server, set it on this screen.

If you want to set up a custom name server, click USE CUSTOM NAMESERVER.


Put the name server specified by the server and click “CHANGE NAMESERVER” to confirm the change.

If you are using Cloudflare, please put the name server specified in Cloudflare here.

That’s all there is to registration and how to use it.

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